Introduction Class



After this class kids will know each other better and will get to know the class rules and schedule


The educator does the opening prayer welcoming everyone


Do a quick round of Name and Age and introduce yourself as being the Educator and all the other volunteers

The educator says this class is for us to get to know each other better. We will start with each one of us making a poster about ourselves. Explain All About Me poster:

ACTIVITY: All about me poster

Kids will go around and present themselves and talk about one favorite thing they chose in the poster

Getting to Know You Even More

This is a simple but fun game for all the kids to get to know each other quickly.

Things You Will Need

•          A ball

How to Set Up and Play

The game setup is quite simple; first, you get all the children to stand in a circle.

The game begins when you throw the ball to a random kid and as a question about them, such as “what is your favorite movie?” The kid answers the question and randomly tosses the ball to another kid and asks another question such as “Do you like to play outside?”

The next kid who catches the ball answers that question and tosses it to another random kid with a question.

Have a list of questions prepared and read them out to the kids so they can have an idea about what to ask.

•          What did you do this weekend?

–         What is your favorite movie?

–         Do you have siblings?

–         Do you like to swim?

–         Do you like to play with legos?

–         What is your favorite toy?

Class Rules

•          Be kind and respectful

•          Try your best

•          Be a good friend

•          Be a good listener

•          Follow directions

•          Be positive

•          Say please and thank you

Examples of Classroom rules poster (if possible, print the poster with all rules and tape it on a wall in front of the classroom )

Talk about the class schedule

  • Opening Prayer
  • Class Activities
    • Movies
    • Role-play a story
    • Read a story
    • Drawing
  • Meditation, Passes, and Closing Prayer

Meditation tip: teach Smell a flower and blow out a candle exercise during meditation