Kids Lesson Plans
Age 7-12

Collaboration – Part 1

OBJECTIVE Children will reflect on how collaboration and teamwork can help them to achieve more than they can achieve alone. Values: teamwork and compromise Prepared by: @Susana Resem PREPARATION Write in a board: “None of us, including me, ever do great things. But we can all do small things, with great love, and together we …

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Collaboration – Part 2

OBJECTIVE Illustrate collaboration in the Bible (Rebuild of the wall in Jerusalem) Children will reflect on the importance of one another and how it affects our lives every day Prepared by: @Susana Material: a lollypop for each participant. LAUNCH LESSON Mutual Help – The objective is to realize the importance of helping each other. ( …

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Collaboration – part 3

TOPIC Collaboration as a way to achieve or build great things Prepared by: @Susana OBJECTIVE In this lesson, children will review what we learned about collaboration. Children will discuss the benefits of collaboration in the Bible and in real life Values: teamwork and compromise PREPARATION Collaboration is: QUICK REVIEW: To listen attentively when people …

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General Elements of the Universe – God, Spirit and Matter – part 2

OBJECTIVE Students will learn about the elements of the Universe according to Spirits Book chapter 2: God, Spirit, and Matter. We, humans, are not capable of understanding everything yet, but things are revealed to us as we know more. We spirits are immortals and our body are temporary houses of our spirit on Earth. Values: …

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Growth Mindset – part 4

TOPIC Growth Mindset + Power of Yet, Putting all together OBJECTIVE At the end of this lesson children will have reviewed: Effort and persistence are key to success Keep trying is crucial but maybe we need to change strategies Brain is malleable and challenges make us find new connections in our brain Intelligence is not …

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Mary of Nazareth – Part 1

TOPIC Mary of Nazareth, mother of Jesus. Mother’s Day lesson plan. Prepared By: @susana OBJECTIVE After this class children will have learned about Mary, the mother of Jesus, and her mission on Earth and now in the Spiritual Realm. MATERIALS Cardstock paper Printouts of for all students or 1 copy to be shared by all …

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Mary of Nazareth – Part 2

What are the virtues Mary of Nazareth had?
Mary had many virtues, like Patience, Resignation, Empathy, and COMPASSION.
Compassion certainly is a virtue that drives us to do good. Jesus taught us that is an absolute MUST HAVE in order to achieve Happiness.

Spiritual and Material Evolution – part 1

OBJECTIVE Children will learn about the Law of Progress, and all things are evolving – spiritual and material Values: effort, perseverance, hope This lesson plan from: INITIAL PRAYER AND INTRODUCTIONS (5 mins) Initial prayer Students read a prayer from the prayer box or say one by inspiration Quick round to check how everyone is and …

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Virtue: Tolerance

TOPIC We will talk about tolerance in the sense of patience, forbearance, and self-control. OBJECTIVE At the end of this lesson children will have learned: Tolerance fosters respect for people and treating them kindly even when we believe in something completely different. In God’s eye, we are all the same, we are one world, one …

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