Growth Mindset (Khan Academy)


This lesson plan was taken from Khan Academy with some changes

Students will learn their brain is malleable and intelligence is not a fixed trait, but something that can be developed through effort and mistakes are opportunities to learn

prepared by: @susana


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Lesson Plan from Khan Academy:

Videos from the lesson plan above: Watch “Growing your mind” by Khan Academy” (3:04).

Watch “Neuroplasticity” by Sentis” (2:03).


  1. How do people become more intelligent?
  2. How does the diagram of the neurons “At birth vs. At age 6” demonstrate this?
  3. How do spirits become more evolved? Does intelligence belong to the spirit or to the brain?
  4. Is the spirit immortal? So how does that translate to knowledge?
  5. When do our brains grow the most?(Educators: Clarify here that it is when you get an answer wrong and then figure out strategies to correct your mistake)
  6. If I’m 80year old, didn’t have opportunity to graduate when younger and want to go to college to pursue a dream . I have enough money to live the rest of my life vacationing and playing cards. Does it make sense for me to go back to college? (Educators: explain that for the spiritual perspective, we accumulate our abilities and next time we learn something we will be more apt to learn it)


Activity 1: Build a representation of a brain with a growth mindset

  1. Build a representation of a brain with a growth mindset with toothpicks and marshmallows. The toothpicks will represent a connection and marshmallows your neurons (if you have mixed ages, give this activity to younger ones and check Growth Mindset – part 4 And precious lessons)
  2. Ask students to research 10 sentences that represents a growth mindset and write them on the board
  3. students will read to younger ones so that they (younger ones) will ‘fixed’ or ‘growth’ to each sentence

Activity 2: Power of Yet – group song – 2 teams

Yet – Growth Mindset Song by Obie Leff


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