Virtue: Tolerance



We will talk about tolerance in the sense of patience, forbearance, and self-control.


At the end of this lesson children will have learned:

  • Tolerance fosters respect for people and treating them kindly even when we believe in something completely different.

In God’s eye, we are all the same, we are one world, one family.


Opening prayer and short round kids tell about their week


Powerpoint presentation, just a few notes about this class:

  • Play video from timestamp 4:00 mark (Just to show Jesus is taught us to LOVE PEOPLE through attitudes and actions). The word we are looking for here is ATTITUDE.
  • Play Simon says according to Bullying and Diversity Lesson: What’s Your Name?
  • Tolerance is a virtue and a VIRTUE is an ATTITUDE of the highest moral standard



Being tolerant is about accepting people the way they are. It is not about accepting bad behaviors.

Being tolerant, therefore, is not about contaminating ourselves with misbehavior or allowing us to be oblivious of the evil. It is about understanding each other wherever they are and whoever they are and trying to help them within our possibilities

Jesus’ attitudes in the Gospel are perfect examples of Tolerance


Inspired by the Prayer of Forgiveness – Seicho-no-ie

“I respect you. You respect me.

You and I are one in God.

I am grateful to you. You are grateful to me.

You and I are one in God.

I love you. You love me.

You and I are one in God.

I wish you ever-increasing happiness in the days to come.”


Today we discussed ” respecting our differences and the awesomeness of being who you are”

And learned that “Tolerance is a virtue we must practice in order to practice Jesus’ commandment: Love one another as you love yourself.”

Next week we will be talking about ” Jesus’ cures”