Spirit – Life after Life – Spiritual World


We are immortals, so where do we go when we die? How do we live? With whom? What do we do?


Children will learn more about life after death and the spiritual colonies.


Students share one thing they did or are grateful for during the week. Introduction of new students.

OPENING PRAYER: A prayer box or one of the children can do the opening prayer if there is one volunteer


Remember last time we talked about life after death and can incarnate talk to discarnate?
Allan Kardec, the codifier of Spiritism, used the words incarnate and discarnate.

Play Game: Separate what stays and what we can bring to the discarnate world (spiritual world)

Divide your class Into two teams. Team 1’s job is to collect all items that belong to the material world only, and Team 2 job is to collect only the things we can take to the spiritual world. Teams will have 10 mins to collect all 15 items in the room (educator spreads printouts of items like a car, building, status, title, body, status, fame, patience, perispirit, friends, love, relationships)
While collecting the items, they must place them on the wall, whiteboard, or table, wherever the educator decides to display them.\


Then go over all the items (and fix the ones that got misplaced) and move to the next activity.


We know what we take to the spiritual world. And then what? What do you think happens when we die? What do we do? Where? How? With whom?

Let students say what they think happens. Write on the whiteboard, at the top “IN THE SPIRITUAL WORLD”

What happens?
What do we take? (show all items already separated in the previous activity)
Who do we meet?Where do we go?Why do we go to different places?How do we get there?Can they see the material world?

After students answer the questions, Play trailer of the movie ASTRAL CITY


ASK EVERYONE: Do you remember the last week’s story? Livia met his grandpa. Livia was thinking a lot about her grandpa during that week. She missed him, and she wanted him to be at her birthday party.
ASK SOMEONE: Remember she was able to meet him in a dream. It seems she could visit him in the spiritual realm. Where was he? Was it a good place?
ASK EVERYONE: What did you see in the movie? Do you believe there is a city or a place we go after our body’s death?

TELL about the movie: this movie was based on a book called “Nosso Lar” or “Astral City” reported by Andre Luiz and psychographed by Chico Xavier. If possible, take the book and show the students.

I know this might be a lot to take at once, but let’s take it in parts. We can then talk about who wrote this book and how in another class.
Go to the board and discuss the same questions they answered before.

What happens?Who do we meet?Where do we go?Why do we go to different places?How do we get there?Can they see the material world?

If time permits, cover these two questions from Spirit’s Book.

Let’s see what Allan Kardec gathered in the Spirits’ Book?

Spirits' Book

149. What happens to the soul at the time of death?
“It becomes a spirit again, meaning it returns to the spirit world that it had briefy left.” 


During the next few classes, we will be building the Spiritual World and the Material World.
Let’s start with the material world


Ask students what did they learn today? Next week we will talk about

Next week we will learn more about: Dreams