Mary of Nazareth – Part 2


Applying Story of Mary into Life

prepared by: Susana


At the end of this lesson children will have learned:

  • Mary’s life was driven by compassion
  • What compassion is?
  • How can we apply compassion to our lives?


Opening prayer and short round kids tell about their week


Do you remember the story of Mary?
Let’s read the story of Mary ( booklet Mary of Nazareth ) and talk about the virtues of Mary.

Write on the whiteboard, or say it out loud, the virtues you think Mary has:
The educator can help with some of them by suggesting:

  • Faith
  • Patience
  • Dignity
  • Resignation
  • Obedience
  • Compassion


Today we will talk about an important virtue that all of us need to achieve


What is compassion? Let’s watch this video:

Ways to practice Compassion:

Educator will bring some objects from home (or printouts), for example:
– Small broom
– Bucket
– Pen
– Hand Sanitizer
– Mask (COVID)

Divide the class into small groups. If teenagers are volunteering, they are the leaders of groups and need to help and conduct the game:

Each group will write, draw, or role-play how they can use each of the objects to practice compassion.

For example:
PEN – We can use a pen to write kind words to a colleague, classmate, or a friend

BUCKET – We can help our neighbor who got hurt and cannot clean her house. We can use a bucket and a cloth to mop their floor

Groups will share what are the compassionate actions they came up with.


Small groups discussions with predefined questions

Ask them if it was hard to find what to do with those objects?

Is it easy to practice compassion every day?

Compassion is a muscle and can be trained, says science and also our Master Jesus:


Today we discussed COMPASSION:

Compassion is one of the virtues Mary practiced for many years of her life by helping others without asking anything back

Remember, Jesus himself came back to take Mary with him to the spiritual realm, where she continues to serve with mercy and love especially the ones that ended their life prematurely.
Mary is considered to be an elevated spirit that was ready to perform the mission of being Jesus’, the Messiah.

Closing prayer