Collaboration – activity pre-teens

1) Playing scenarios

Mention to the children you will tell them different dialogues that happened between two ‘people’. Ask them if their attitude was collaborative or not. Listen to their answers


1. Asa and Jan are working on a presentation for class tomorrow. Asa has his material ready and Jan does not have any materials prepared.
i. Asa: I knew this would happen! You never finish stuff on time!
ii. Jan: Look, I can work on it later tonight.
iii. Asa: Tonight! That’s too late! You always wait until the last minute!

2. Cally: Look, we’ve just spent fifteen minutes arguing about what game to play. No one likes the same one.
Dora: Well, maybe there’s more that we haven’t talked about.
Jim: Well, I have to head home in a while, so let’s decide.
Cally: How about we play basketball for at least 15 minutes and see how it goes?
Dora: Yeah, let’s do it!

3. Lanisha:Here comes Tiny!
Carmen: (Ignores her)
Lanisha: Hi, Tiny! What’s up? (Laughs)
Carmen: Cut it out, Lanisha. I told you that I don’t like it when you call me that!
Lanisha: Hey, it’s no big deal. Don’t be so sensitive!

4. Larry: How about if our group does a report on whales? They’re really cool!
Sam: Remember earlier this year when we read that book about whales? I think Ms. Brown will think we’re just doing something that’s easy, since we already studied them.
Larry: But I really like ocean animals. I think they’d be fun to do research on!
Sam: I do too. Let’s think about some other ocean animals that we haven’t read about.
Alicia: How about dolphins? They’re really smart animals and I read about studies people have done to test their intelligence. We could do that.
Larry: Alicia: That sounds good. Maybe we should start with making a list of possible topics we could cover about dolphins?
Sam: Good idea. I’ll get some paper.

5. Ann: Did you hear what Margo said about Sondra?
Jay: Yeah, and Sondra found out! She’s furious!
Ann: What do you think will happen? Sondra’s pretty tough. Margo could get hurt.
Jay: Hey, I’m not getting into this. I’m staying out of it!

6. Keira: Hi, Sally. How about going to a movie and getting pizza later?
Sally: I don’t have much of my allowance left. Maybe I can go to the movie if we go to the early one; it’s cheaper.
Keira: Well, the one I wanted to see the most isn’t playing earlier. But I don’t mind seeing another one.
Sally: Okay, that would be great. That way, I can still afford a slice of pizza after!