Collaboration – part 3



Collaboration as a way to achieve or build great things

Prepared by: @Susana


In this lesson, children will review what we learned about collaboration.

Children will discuss the benefits of collaboration in the Bible and in real life

Values: teamwork and compromise


Collaboration is:


  • To listen attentively when people talk to us;
  • Share what you have with the other colleagues who would like to have something similar to what you have;
  • Offer help when something must be made so it is not heavy for nobody;
  • Talk kindly to the person who is offending you, for example;
  • Always do your best when your help is requested for any activity.
  • Praise people who help you;
  • Encourage others to do their best;
  • Invite others to work/ play with you;
  • Never isolate anyone. Everyone has something good to offer; nobody likes to feel isolated


Let’s review these stories and learn how collaboration changed their lives:

Briefly mention the story The Tree and the Vegetables

Reference: Narrated story: https://freestoriesforkidscom/children/stories-and-tales/tree-and-vegetables

Let’s review how to collaboration saved Jerusalem and its people

Reference: Nehemiah_Video_Rebuild_Wall_Jerusalem


Group Technique – Union and Cooperation

The group technique starts with a poster that has an edifying message or picture.

The Spiritist educator will cut the poster in a number of shares that are equivalent to the number of students, even though some of them are not present on this day. It is suggested that the Spiritist educator cut them into squares rather than in more complex ways to make it easier to be assembled, since the goal here is not to make this task complicated.

Place the pieces of the poster that were cut under the chairs or in other places where the young people can look previous to the beginning of this class.

The Spiritist educator will ask each teen or student to find and bring only one piece of the poster to the larger group; they shouldn’t take more than a piece each.

When they return from their search, the Spiritist educator will prompt the adolescents to try to assemble the poster on the floor or on a table. They could also do it over a larger paper if they wish (this should be at the Spiritist educator’s discretion).

Once each adolescent is in possession of their piece, the young people will try to assemble the puzzle. They will only be able to mount it perfectly if all adolescents who participate in the group are present on this day. Otherwise, pieces will be missing, but they should still try to assemble them.

Observe the end result and reflect on unity and cooperation from the following aspects:

* If all teens came to the class (the group was able to mount the poster with all the pieces), reflect on the importance of each of them to have contributed to assembling the work together. Each piece represents each individual; the experiences of each individual, the work, and the ideas that each one of them brings to the group.

* If some teens didn’t come to the class (therefore, they failed to assemble the poster with all the pieces), say it would be important that all of them were present to perform the task. The spiritist teacher needs to make sure the work that was done by them is valued, even if pieces are missing. Highlight that each member is important for the Youth Group. They will have doubts, experiences, and things to share, and someone will always have lived or is living a similar situation, bringing to the larger group information that may assist everybody. Point out the importance of their active participation in all discussions.

* Highlight the importance of all their efforts to assist in assembling the poster; not only their part of the puzzle, which enabled them to come up with a good final result.

Suggested lesson received from Carina Streda & Antonio Escobar.
Translation: Carolina von Scharten, London, linked to BUSS – The British Union of Spiritist Societies.


1) Define collaboration with your own words

2) Everyone achieved more when the Tree and the vegetables decided to ……………………………..

They decided to work …………., using both the shade and the water in the best combination to grow good vegetables

3) Explain how Nehemiah helped the people of Israel

4) How did the people of Israel rebuild the wall so fast?