Collaboration – Part 2



Illustrate collaboration in the Bible (Rebuild of the wall in Jerusalem)

Children will reflect on the importance of one another and how it affects our lives every day

Prepared by: @Susana


  • a lollypop for each participant.


Mutual Help – The objective is to realize the importance of helping each other.


Procedure: Everyone should stand up in a circle facing each other.

Please give one lollypop to each participant and say the following: everyone should hold the lollypop with their right hand, keeping their arm straight.

They are not allowed to bend their arms; they only raise them to the right or left. The left hand should be kept free. You will need to request them to unwrap the lollypop with their left hand (with the right arm extended, holding the lollypop and standing up in a circle facing each other).

The Educator will then collect all the candy paper from the children and give the following direction: everyone will now eat the lollypop without leaving their spot!

Wait until one of them has the initiative to execute this task. There is only one alternative: to offer the lollypop to the person next to them!!! Once they do it, the others will automatically eat the lollypop. We conclude the group dynamics for children by asking them to sit down and keep enjoying the lollypop that was offered to them if they wanted.

Ask the children: how did you manage to eat the lollipop?

With the help of your colleague. What was necessary to happen?

Ask for help and help as well. Was it important to help? Yes. Why?

Because without the help of our colleagues we would not be able to eat the lollypops.


Teamwork is the only way to solve issues of great complexity

Teamwork! It’s not just for the soccer field … in fact, most of us engage in teamwork every day of the week. From working as a team, to clean your house, to partnering with your spouse to get everyone out the door on time in the morning, to participating in school or work projects, teams are everywhere!

Ask your kids about all the teams they are a part of, from family to friends to sports.

To collaborate means helping each other to accomplish tasks.

To collaborate is to be willing to help and have good will.

Collaboration is:

  • To listen attentivelywhen people talk to us;
  • Sharewhat you have with the other colleagues who would like to have something similar to what you have;
  • Offer help when something must be made so it is not heavy for nobody;
  • Talk kindlyto the person who is offending you, for example;
  • Always do your best when your help is requested for any activity.
  • Praisepeople who help you;
  • Encourage others to do their best;
  • Invite othersto work/ play with you;
  • Never isolate anyone. Everyone has something good to offer; nobody likes to feel isolated

Nehemiah – Rebuild of the wall in Jerusalem

Educator says,

This week, we learned about how collaboration makes possible the accomplishment of great things

God gave strength to the people of Israel to rebuild the wall and to Nehemiah to ask the king for help

Everything good you do to others will always come back to you.

If it was not possible last week, then complete or review (see Collaboration – part 1) how we can collaborate at:

Collaborative attitudes
In my house I can collaborate with my family by keeping my bedroom clean
At School:
With our friends:
At the Spiritist Center
In the playground
With nature
During a playdate
On the streets