Spirit – Reincarnation – part 2

Human Life Cycle Vocabulary | Human Life Cycle in Less Than 3 Minutes -  YouTube


Reincarnation – Final activities


At the end of this lesson children will have learned:

  • Life Cycle and Reincarnation


  • Print out the REINCARNATION CYCLE  default icon ReincarnationCycle.pptx
    preferably in a big piece of paper, that will be placed in the middle of the circle where the kids will be playing the reincarnation game
  • Bring costumes of Princess, Pilot, Homeless, Rich person, Queen Crown, King Crown, Teacher, Soccer player, Woman, Man
  • If costumes are not available, print outs of those characters with a string, so that kids can hang the printout around their neck to show others their reincarnation ‘persona’


Opening prayer and short round kids tell about their week



166. How can a soul that has not reached perfection during corporeal life achieve purifcation?
“By experiencing the trial of a new existence.”  -Spirits’ Book

Reincarnation’s main purpose is to allow us to grow in love, and forgiveness by experiencing new challenges and trials. It also gives us the opportunity to redeem ourselves from wrongs we did in past. Hence, God’s justice is perfect.


This class can be played at the same time teens will be playing Reincarnation Department

Explain the cycle of reincarnation from previous lessons

Have kids wear a costume, and they then enter the circle of reincarnation one by one

A volunteer will be walking the circle with the kids saying the story of their life.

For example, you are a queen: You were born in a big palace, The kid walks to the next phase, When you were a child you had an endless amount of toys. You could never play with all of them etc.

At the end of the cycle, their guardian angel (Another volunteer) will ask:

[Queen’s name], what did you do with all the talents you have received?

[Queen’s name], what type of charitable actions have you done?

[Queen’s name], what have you learned in this reincarnation?

[Queen’s name], who have you loved? 

[Queen’s name], what are the things you think you can improve?

In the end, the guardian angel will say:
Let us see all the good actions you did throughout your life

Let us see what are the things you need to improve

Guardian angel then says:

You will be reborn as [….] because then you will have the opportunity to practice [….]


You will be reborn as the King because now you will be able to govern and rule your country with more compassion

In the end, all students go to the “Reincarnation Department” where the teens will be presenting the new reincarnation plan of a spirit


Today we discussed “Reincarnation and Divine Justice”

Next week we will be talking about ” ”