Spirit, Perispirit, and Body


At the end of this class, children will learn human beings are composed of:

Spirit, Perispirit, Body

Prepared by: @Bernadete, @Susana


  • Boiled eggs
  • cups


Opening prayer and short round students tell about their week


If a mixed class (younger kids, pre-teens, and teens), perform this activity with younger kids as illustrated in Spirit, Perispirit, and Body For Kids

If not mixed, it is enough to bring one avocado, cut in half lengthwise, and show the 3 parts of the avocado.

Explain the similarities between the composition of the avocado and human begins:

Spirit – Yolk

Perispirit – Egg white

Body -Egg Shell


Play these videos in the presentation

Paper clip Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | ShutterstockSpirit, Perispirit, and Body.pptx


Small groups discussions with these questions:

Does the spirit die? Does the perispirit die? Does the body die?

In which of these elements does our mind live?

What are the most important attributes of the spirit?

How about the perispirit? Is the perispirit visible?

Which part is the one that connects the spirit to the body?


Today we discussed: ” Spirit, Perispirt and Body” and that while our bodies die and perish, our spirit and perispirit do not.

Next week we will start the topic Immortality of the soul and spiritual evolution!