Spirit, Perispirit and Body – part 1


What makes us human beings?

At the end of this class, children will learn human beings are composed of:

Spirit, Perispirit, Body

Prepared by: @Bernadete, @Susana


  • Boiled eggs
  • cups
  • paper and pencil


Opening prayer and short round kids tell about their week


Distribute boiled eggs to the children (one each or one for a group). Ask them to separate the components of the egg in separate cups. If it has the same texture and the same color goes to the same cup.

Once the children separate them into 3 cups, explain:

How many parts does an egg have?

Which one is the innermost? Which one is the outermost? And the intermediary?

Humans being also have 3 components, let’s study what they are!


  • Inner component – Yolk – Spirit (the most nutritious part of the egg)
    • intelligent beings of the creation, make choices
    • immortal
    • invisible
  • Intermediary component – Egg while – Perispirit (what bonds the yolk and shell)
    • the semi-material and fluidic* envelope of the spirit
    • connects the spirit and the body and tied to body molecule by molecule
    • usually invisible*fluidic – like a fluid; that can move and change rapidly or easily; not settled or fixed
  • Outer component – Eggshell – Body (denser than the other parts)
    • Dense material envelope.
    • The body enables our spirit to interact with the material world
    • We use our bodies to be able to perform our activities, like work, study, play.

Have the children add labels to the cups or draw the spirit, perispirit and body illustration above the correspondent elements of the egg below each element.


Small groups discussions with these questions:

Does the spirit die? Does the perispirit die? Does the body die?

In which of these elements does our mind live?

What are important attributes of the spirit?

How about the perispirit? and body?


Today we discussed: ” Spirit, Perispirt and Body” and that while our bodies die and perish, our spirit and perispirit do not.

Next week we will be continuing talking about our souls!