Spirit, Perispirit and Body – part 2


Children will explore more about the 3 elements of the human complex and the immortality of the soul

Prepared by: @Susana Resem


  • paper, scissors, tape


Opening prayer and short round kids tell about their week


Review of 3 elements of the human complex:



Ask children to draw the 3 elements of the human complex, give them paper, scissors, and markers

Ask children to draw a representation of the body, perispirit, and spirit Link them with tape.

Use the model to review the attributes of each one of them



Show and discuss with them the cycle of life


ASK children to “discard the body” simulating the death of the body. The student will then have the perispirit and spirit in a stack.

Ask them to draw a new body for the next life and attach it to the perispirit. Tell them to talk about their new body and why they chose to have that body.


Small groups discussions with these questions:

Does the spirit die? Does the perispirit die? Does the body die?

Where is our mind? Which part is intelligent?

How about the perispirit? Why do I have one? (Educator: Explain the perispirit is what bonds the spirit and the body, stores memories, and constantly exchanges sensations/impressions between body and spirit)

Why should I care? When we know our true nature, it helps us to understand what is important in our lives.


Our big brother Jesus showed us that our body is just a part of our lives, and it is temporary. Our spirit and relationships will last forever and our happiness depends on us making it stronger by loving ourselves and each other!


Today we discussed: ” Spirit, Perispirt and Body” and that while our bodies die and perish, our spirit and perispirit do not.

Next week we will continue talking about what happens when we die!