Spirit – Purpose: Why are we here? Part 2


At the end of this lesson Youth will have learned:

Cognition: God has a plan for us and if you don’t look at a higher purpose you may feel God is unfair. No matter where we are, God’s plan is for us to reach true happiness.

This class is multi-aged and can be used with Children ministry as well.

Feeling: Tranquility, Serenity

Prepared by: @Susana @Edmara


Discuss the Spirit's book question from last time Part 1


ASK ALL: What would have happened to Nick had he had a fixed mindset? “Life is too hard, It is not fair, Not doing it.”

ASK FEW: “How about bullying? Did he suffer bullying and did it affect him?” (most of the times we don’t really know how we are affecting others, positively or negatively)

ASK FEW: How do you feel after watching this video?

ASK ALL: What did Nick mention about facing difficulties? How to handle them?

ASK FEW: Doesn’t that give a sense of gratitude? Remember, gratitude is an attitude and attitude is a choice! But if we do not practice gratitude, then we are missing a great opportunity to grow.

Many of us have much smaller challenges than Nick and we should learn from him that valued his life to grow and find happiness even with his rare and tough physical restrictions.

Choose one activity or both depending on the ages and time available:


pdf icon GratitudeSlapdown.pdf

Put yourself in the Nick’s shoes when he was a child or teen and play the game of gratitude. Each child will say something he or she thinks Nick was grateful for.

or Activity 2: TREE OF GRATITUDE

Print this image and glue it to a poster. Take small sticky notes to class and ask children to write something, someone, someplace, some color, something you can do that you are grateful for.



In God We Trust – Hillsong

Music 2: Everybody come on it is on us! No bullying!


Today we discussed “The purpose of our lives” God wants us to have a Growth Mindset and offer the opportunities we need to grow spiritually. We incarnate to learn how to grow in love and knowledge!”