Spirit – Why do we come back? Part 1



At the end of this lesson Youth will have learned:

Cognition: God’s plan for us is to reach true happiness, but we do have free will to shape our future according to our choices.

This class is multi-aged and can be used with Children’s ministry as well.

Feeling: Empathy, hope, ownership

Prepared by: @Susana


pen, piece of paper (3 different colors), markers, whiteboard


On a wall or whiteboard, draw squares. The number of squares should match the number of students. (If in a large group, divide the group into smaller groups with ~6 people)

Distribute 3 stripes of paper to all students (of different colors preferably). If you have students that cannot write, ask an assistant to write for them (preferably) or pair them up with an older student.

On one piece of paper, ask students to write one thing they did YESTERDAY

2nd piece of paper, ask them to write one thing they will do TODAY

3rd piece of paper, ask them to write one thing they will do TOMORROW

Mix all the pieces of paper in one bag.

The goal of the game is to match all three pieces belonging to a person in each square in the whiteboard.

Ask a youth leader to read each paper and the group would need to find the squares, the person wrote the paper cannot give any hint.

After students match the 3 pieces, have the students “fix” them if needed, allowing them help each other.


          How did you match them up?

          Do you think what we did yesterday, today and tomorrow have some kind of logic?

          How about our lives? Do you believe our past lives and future lives have any kind of logic or it is random?

          If you were to choose, what would choose to be your next incarnation?


According to the Spirit’s Book, we all have many lives with the purpose of learning LOVE and WISDOM

166. How can a soul that has not reached perfection during corporeal life achieve purification?
“By experiencing the trial of a new existence.”

167. What is the purpose of reincarnation?
“Atonement and the progressive betterment of humankind. Without this, where would its justice lie?”

168. Is there a limited number of corporeal lives, or does a spirit continue to reincarnate itself forever?
“With each new existence, a spirit takes a step forward in the path of progress. When it sheds all its impurities, the spirit no longer needs the trials of corporeal life.”



i.         What are angels? Are they different from us, were they created differently?

            (Explain that angels were created simple and ignorant like us and evolve throughout many lives)

ii.        Why do we reincarnate?

iii.      Are our actions linked to our lives? Are there consequences of our actions?


In small groups, distribute or display the stories on the whiteboard.

The students need to match YESTERDAY and TODAY (past life and future life)