Spirit – Reincarnation – TEENS



Reincarnation by Bernadete Leal


To reflect on the benefits of reincarnation


Shared prayer

Ice breaker

Scrambled letters to form the word


Story Intro

Present this scenario:


A married couple with a 10-year-old son.

Father leaves the mother for another woman. Father doesn’t come to visit the son or help the family.

The wife gets depressed, and one day she has a heart attack and dies. Son is living with his aunt having a lot of financial struggles.


What do you think about each person in the story? Action, feelings.


  1. How would feel if you were the mother?

  2. How would you feel if you were the son?

  3. What are some possible reasons why the father acted like that?

  4. How does this situation affect the son’s life? How does he feel?

  5. Do you think the father should have another chance? Why?


Situation 2

They all passed away and are in the spiritual realm. They are coming back into the same family.


Ask the teens:

How should they come back together  In which role? What’s your reasoning?


Create a poster on how this family would be together. Add words to describe or represent the situation.

Previous knowledge/Review


List what they know

What is reincarnation, and why do we reincarnate?

Purpose: to grow and handle unfinished business.


Show this video. What did you learn from it?


Reincarnation/a quick explanation

Reincarnation | A Quick Explanation – YouTube


What did you learn today, and how can you apply it to your life?

Closing Prayer

By a teen or all participants