Spiritual and Material Evolution – part 1


Children will learn about the Law of Progress, and all things are evolving – spiritual and material

Values: effort, perseverance, hope

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Initial prayer Students read a prayer from the prayer box or say one by inspiration

Quick round to check how everyone is and introduction of new students


What would you if you had no internet?

How about cards? How would you feel if you had to walk or ride a donkey to get to places?

How about if we are placed back in time and live like the cave people? Would we be less civilized? How would be our manners?


         First: Present the time machine: two discs located one over another – the bottom disc should be made of isopor or cardboard and larger than the upper disc; the upper disc should be more malleable to rotate over the bottom disc easily. Divide the bottom disc into three equal parts: Christ’s time, current time, and future time; the upper disc should be cut into an arrow-shaped format to point to one of the three parts in the bottom disc. Alternatively, the teacher can just cut three equal pieces of cardboard, each containing a time period above, to be picked through a random selection.

         Second: Divide the children into three groups; select a time period for each group (by rotating the arrow in the disc or randomly selecting the cardboard pieces).

         Third: The children should organize and present to the class the following topics regarding the time period assigned to them: transport, hygiene, housing, sports, moral values, medicine, religion, a form of government (or any other topics the teacher might find appropriate). 

         Fourth: Talk to children about the material evolution that humanity has been experiencing throughout the centuries. Ask them how it would be like for someone in our time to adapt to the way of life during Christ’s time. And, on the other hand, how it would be like if someone from Christ’s time suddenly came to live in our world today.

Evolution is to become better, to have good attitudes and better ways of life.

There are two types of evolution: material and spiritual, both of which are the result of the study, effort, work, and perseverance of human beings.

Material Evolution

Material evolution is the improvement of people’s way of life.

A long time ago, human beings lived in caverns, walked barefoot or on the back of horses, and ate whatever they could find in the forests. As time passed, people started to live in tents and use the fire, they discovered the wheel and planted fruits and vegetables to eat.

Nowadays, we live in houses, use cars, have clothes that keep us warm, and produce a variety of food. Mankind has been experiencing constant material evolution, achieving better ways of life, more health, more fun ,and more work.

Spiritual Evolution

Spiritual evolution improves people’s attitudes by learning to love and respect others. Long ago, people lived in small groups that fought between themselves. As time passed, people started to live in villages and discovered that they could live much better if they were together. 

Nowadays, we live in cities, value our family, and everyone helps with the home duties, obey the laws, studies, work, and learn to be better intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. We still have a lot to learn to live on a planet where there is no fight, no hate, only peace, and cooperation. 

Each of us should do our part by studying, being good, and helping others.

         Fifth: Ask the children about the spiritual evolution of humankind. What things are different today compared to two thousand years ago? And what will it be like in the future? Will there be wars, fights, and disputes? How will the children’s education be in the future? How will people treat one another? Do you think that spiritual evolution comes at the same pace as material evolution?

MUSIC – play the music, we are going to sing next meeting