General Elements of the Universe – God, Spirit and Matter – part 2


Students will learn about the elements of the Universe according to Spirits Book chapter 2: God, Spirit, and Matter.

We, humans, are not capable of understanding everything yet, but things are revealed to us as we know more. We spirits are immortals and our body are temporary houses of our spirit on Earth.

Values: Discipline, Good habits to keep your spirit healthy

Prepared by:  @Edmara Almeida



Explain the Egg analogy to BODY, PERISPIRIT, SOUL.
Make a video with the kids explaining the body, perispirit and soul

Without the spirit, our body does not have intelligence

The spirit needs matter to act upon, our body is an instrument for the spirit to evolve.


The Four wives of a dying Husband Story.mp4

Ask students what did they think about the story.




How can we take care of the spirit?

Distribute this to students to fill out TakingCareOfSpirit.docx


Today we learned about the attributes of the spirit and how to take care of our soul.

Last class, we learned about the 3 general elements of the Universe: God, Spirit, and Matter.

Humans beings are spirits that have a body. When our body dies, our spirit continues.

We also talked about how to take care of our bodies.

Spirit: Intelligent immortal, unique and invisible

Body:: Matter – A gift of God for the Spirit to use to perform actions and evolve.


          What are the general elements of the Universe?

          Does the spirit ever die?

          How about our body?

          Does intelligence belong to our brain or our soul?

          Is our body the same every time we reincarnate? What happens to our body when it dies?


Every Move I Make _ Dance-A-Long with Lyrics _ Kids Worship.mp4