Our Body, a divine gift


Adapted from Seara do mestre

This lesson can be divided into 2 parts depending on the class duration.


At the end of this lesson children will have learned:

  • our body is a gift from God, and it is exactly what we need during this incarnation to go through the experience we planned for.


  • quick round tell us about your week and introduction of new students
  • Opening Prayer – prayer box or volunteer


         First, please distribute a matchbox with a small mirror inside to each child. Please refrain from mentioning what is inside the box. You now need to ask each child to open it up, as there is a special gift for each. Please ask them to close it once they have looked into the box. They should not tell anyone what they saw inside it.

Ask students what do you think about this sentence.

         God gave us our material body as a gift.


PART1 – experiences our senses (10mins)

         The Spiritist educator will now ask them to close their eyes or gently blindfold them.

Please make some noise clapping your hands.

You could, instead, play music with bird or water sounds.

Please ask them to keep their eyes close and tell you what sound they are listening to.

Please each one of them to smell soap or perfume.

Give each child a pinch of salt for them to try; straight after please give them a bit of sugar for them to try too.

What did they smell earlier on?

How were they able to identify the smell of apple and soap?

Was it good or bad?

What did they taste right after?

Was it good or bad?

This activity will enable them to realize they were able to identify smells, sounds, objects through their senses. Please mention this to them right after each child answers your questions.

Part2 – discussion (15 mins)

         Please ask the children what makes possible for us to see things that are around, taste, smell, change from one place to another, listen to music, talk, study, play. Please don’t tell them it’s our physical body but ask them to open the match box all at the same time. What is the gift we received from God? – now you can tell them.

         God gave us our material body as a gift.

Please explain to them that we are spirits, but we received our body as an instrument for our progress while here on Earth. How should we look after our physical body?

We can look after it by (Draw in the whiteboard few examples and ask students to give more examples of how we can take care of our body)

taking a shower,

trimming our nails,

washing and combing our hair,

brushing our teeth,

doing exercises,

eating fruit and vegetables,

eating the right amount of food for our body.

God gave each one of us the physical body we need to progress spiritually.

Part 3 – little book (2nd day if needed) – 20 mins

Please give each child a copy of this text so they can glue it to their notebook.

Our body – gift from God

We are spirits. We received from God our physical body as an instrument for our progress, whilst we are in Earth. We need to look after it by eating healthy, keep up with our hygiene, health.
Examples: eat fruits and vegetables; brush our teeth and hair, shower, exercise.

         Activity 1: please draw your own physical body (remember they should also draw their nose, neck, ears, and fingers and feet; we can highlight the importance of each part of our body). The title of their drawing should be: Physical body – gift from God.

         Activity 2: please get each child to create a book with the title “Me and my body”.

         Obs.: this will give the children the chance to make up a book about their own body. The book should have 5 pages plus the book cover; you can ask them to get 4 A4 sheets of paper and fold them in the middle. This will form 6 pages for the book, which can then be stapled together.
         Each page should be organized as displayed on the following hyperlink. The sentences should be written at the top of each page, which will enable the children to illustrate each affirmation underneath.

Afterwards, they can glue this booklet into their notebook as part of this lesson.


Today we discussed about “Our body, a gift from God “

And learned that our body is exactly what we need to experience life during this incarnation

Next week we will be talking about ” “


Closing prayer from the prayer box

Closing music


Seara do Mestre

Translation: Carolina von Scharten, London, Sir William Crookes Spiritist Society linked to BUSS – The British Union of Spiritist Societies.