Team building – INTRO class


Team building activities when starting a new group


At the end of this lesson children will have learned:

  • A little more about their classmates
  • Rules in the classroom
  • Teamwork and collaboration


  • Opening prayer and short round kids tell about their week

Game 1 – Names (5 mins)

Today we will take some time to talk about ourselves

Let’s start with a game where you draw an object that starts with the first letter of your name. Preferably an object that reminds your name.

For example:

Amanda draws an arm and writes her name on the whiteboard or post-it

Eduardo draws an educator and writes his name on the whiteboard or post-it

After everyone has your name and object in the post-it.

Each one place his/her post-it in the chest, and in a circle, each one says his or her name and the object he or she chose

One more time, each one says your name and object, but this time, everyone else repeats the name after student.

Game 2 – Teamwork (10 mins)

TEAMWORK – Write on the whiteboard Now we will play a game that helps us understand teamwork and collaboration. “The process of working collaboratively and respectfully with a group of people in order to achieve a goal.”

Draw a square on the floor. Throw many numbers or cards with words or objects in the square, spreading them out so that they are evenly distributed in the square.

Suggestion cards:

Divide the class into 2 groups

Each group will have a member that is blindfolded and teams stay on opposite sides of the square on the ouside.

The teacher will say an object to each team and student who is blindfolded will follow the guidance of his or her teammates to find the object, avoid stepping in the other objects/cards.

The team that gets all the objects first wins.

Game 3 – Keeping the positive thoughts up (10 mins)

Keep the positive balloons up and let the negative ones drop on the floor

The more negative thoughts we keep the more difficult to keep the positive ones up!

Write in the ballon a commandment or something positive we want to keep it up

Love one another, Trust in God, Educate ourselves, Jesus is our friend

Disrespect, Meanness, Anger

Students are in a circle and their job is to keep all the positive balloons up. The Educator will throw the balloons and say out loud what is written in the balloon.

The goal is to keep the positive ones the longest in the air without touching the floor.


Ask and guide children to make their classroom rules. Example:

  1. Respect and listen to your classmates
  2. Respect and listen to the teacher
  3. Raise your hand to speak
  4. Ask questions
  5. Share new ideas
  6. Respect others’ property
  7. Clean up before we leave
  8. Be kind
  9. Always do your best
  10. Be a good friend
  11. Be on time
  12. Share with others


Today we learned a little bit more about ourselves.

And learned that respect, order, and collaboration are important inside the classroom.

Next week we will be talking about “Spiritual vs Material”