Spirit – Why Do We Come Back? KIDS part 2


Reincarnation – many lives, many opportunities to progress


This lesson aims to consolidate the idea of reincarnation and each incarnation offering us different experiences and opportunities to progress.


Please bring several pieces of clothing and/or objects for the children to pretend to be that character.


      The educator will welcome everyone and have the kids quickly share one good thing that happened since they last met.
The Spiritist educator will introduce a box of prayer and will ask for one child to volunteer himself/herself to read the prayer for the class. Please ask the child to say his/her words as well, as to complement the opening prayer.

OR Print this prayer and one of the students can read it:

         ‘Prayer for the Love in the World

         Dear Jesus,
         I want to ask you to protect the world and to make love grow in people’s hearts.
         May love be the smile in everybody, the joy of life and this way we all can be good neighbors and live in harmony.
         Please Jesus, help the world to progress towards love!’
So be it. Amen.


Play hot potato game with the children. When the music stops the child who is holding the hot potato ball will be asked to answer what good actions they can do with their hands; ask for examples


Activity: A new INCARNATION is a new experience and a new opportunity to progress

The Spiritist volunteer will start saying:
         ‘Today you will come back in time and let us know how your life was in a previous life. I will conduct an interview with you once you are in character. Please keep an eye on the bell. Grab an object/piece of clothing and get into character. You should start playing the character, when I ring the bell. When I ring the bell once more you will need to swap your outfit for another character. You will then need to show us how you acted in that life.

         So let’s start with your first life.’

         The Spiritist educator will bring the following:
         – Crown, made out of recycled paper, for a king or a queen
         – Oven, made out of recycled paper, for either a cook or a housewife
         – Truck, made out of recycled paper, for a driver
         – Plastic Tools for a builder
         – Mop for a cleaner
         – Wig for either a dancer or an actor
         – Shoe for a shoemaker

         Note for the Spiritist educator: This lesson will enable the children to play different characters as the time unfolds. A bell will be brought to the class – every time the children hear the bell, they will need to swap outfits. Every time the children wear a different outfit the Spiritist volunteer will interview the new character. Please note the word reincarnation isn’t being used as the aim of the game is to ensure the children get the idea of reincarnation; not the Spiritist term.


Today we played different characters, just as we would have in many lives (reincarnations). We also learned we can do different things in each life and learn or not learn depending on our choices. A good way to learn and progress is to try to make good choices and pray for guidance from our big brother Jesus.

Next time we will talk about: “….”


Prayer from the box or the Lord’s prayer

Sing songs together; get the children to remain standing in a circle.




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