Spirit – Why Do We Come Back? KIDS part 1


Reincarnation, why do we come back?


At the end of this lesson Youth will have learned:

Cognition: God’s plan for us is to reach true happiness, but we do have free will to shape our future according to our choices.

Feeling: Empathy, hope, ownership


Watch Video


Tina’s Reincarnation (Seara do Mestre)


OR borrow the book
The Mountains of Tibet by Mordi Gerstein (Author) from the library


True or false game

Make a circle of chairs with the number of students minus one (1).

Ask the questions and whoever makes a mistake, goes to the middle of the circle. When the answer is true, the students remain in the chair. When the answer is false, they need to move to another chair. That’s the chance for the student in the middle to grab a chair.

You may ask the student in the middle of the circle to read the question.

*In the slides, there are points of explanation the Youth leader will pause to explain a concept.


Today we talked about why we reincarnate. We reincarnate to perfect ourselves and learn new things and progress.

How can we make the most of our reincarnation to progress morally? 

We can make good choices, helping others, getting to know ourselves to develop more virtues.