Growth Mindset – part 4


Growth Mindset + Power of Yet, Putting all together


At the end of this lesson children will have reviewed:

  • Effort and persistence are key to success
  • Keep trying is crucial but maybe we need to change strategies
  • Brain is malleable and challenges make us find new connections in our brain
  • Intelligence is not something you are born with but developed
  • it’s not just about your brain. Persisting in the right things builds a strong character


Opening prayer and short round kids tell about their week


Game of persistence: Game Perspective


The mysterious world of neurons

Mojo puts it all together


  • What are neurons? How do we make connections between them?
  • What happened in the game we played earlier today? Did it get easier after trying a few times?
  • does intelligence belong to the spirit or brain?
  • Does knowledge die with my body?
  • is knowledge something I keep forever?
  • What do you think could have happened if Mojo gave up the school?
  • Was Mojo open-minded and tried new things? Was it worth it?
  • What can you do this week to make some new connections? Can we think about a goal?


Please check the ACTIVITIES section in Growth Mindset (Khan Academy) – SSSD – Youth and Kids Education (


We this series we learned :

Our brain is a muscle and challenges make it stronger. Mistakes ate great if we learn from them and persistence (power of yet) has also to do with building a stronger character!