Spiritual And Material Interaction


Explain to students about different types of dreams. Exploring dreams can be a spiritual journey, and the fact our mindset plays an important role in determining what we are setting ourselves to do while sleeping.


Have you ever had a dream that felt so vivid and real?

How about dreams that made no sense at all?

Listen to some of the experiences the students had and explain there are many types of dreams we will all explore today.


This lesson is part of the series “SPIRITUAL AND MATERIAL INTERACTIONS.” The first slide of the PowerPoint will show different ways souls and spirits can interact, or it can be given separately on its own.

Play the movie and explore the slides until the dream activity



In a circle, grab a piece of paper in blank and distribute one marker to each student.

Tell students they will draw the first thing in their mind and pass the paper to the next student on their left. Each student has only 5 or 10 seconds to draw something; after that, he or she must pass the paper to the next student.
Students continue drawing until the paper is filled with drawings.

Now tell the students dreams can be like this drawing; dreams sometimes make no sense. Or sometimes dreams makes a lot of sense and are “real” experiences we had with our loved ones, spiritual guardian or strangers like in the movie.

Continue with the slides explaining different types of dreams:
Sometimes it has to do with something that is happening to your body (physiological) or a worry or joy you had during the day (psychological). It can be spiritual when you meet your loved ones, guardian angel, or a friend.

Even though we don’t remember our dreams, we might have an intuition, an inspiration about something.

Conclude the class with a bedtime prayer to illustrate how we can prepare ourselves before going to bed.