Spirit – Immortality of the soul: The loss of a loved one


Immortality of the soul


At the end of this lesson children will have learned:

  • The three elements of every living being on Earth: Spirit, perispirit and body. Our body dies, but our spirit continues.

Reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Dc84WjzcdM&ab_channel=ElaisadeOliveiraGalanCappi


  • quick round tell us about your week and introduction of new students
  • Opening Prayer – prayer box or volunteer


Ask students what do they think it happens when we die?

Do we all go KAPOOF? Or do we go some place?

Tell students you want to tell them a story.

You can tell the story by using the slides, or having the dolls like the video or with the help of images drew or printed in paper
Note to Educators: you will find more details about this story in the hidden slides.



Tell students that it is natural that we do not want our loved ones die, and perhaps stay with us forever. But God make us so that we have a body with an “expiration date”, but that does not mean we cease to exist.

Tell the students we are composed by three elements: spirit, perispirit and body

Take 3 transparent cups and in the first one, you draw a star (this will represent our body)

Stack the second cup and draw the silhouette of a body with dashed lines that will represent the perispirit

Stack the third cup and draw the body with continuous lines on top of the dashed lined. Now with hair and face and clothes etc

Write in the 3rd cup everything that belongs to the material world. Disease of the body, pain in the body, money, car, etc.

Show the students that when we die, only the outer layer dies. Only our body dies, and everything you wrote in the 3rd cup stays in the material world.
That will help students to cope with the loss of a loved one. Perhaps the body was causing a lot of pain, but the spirit does not take the bodily pain or diseases to the spiritual realm.

Please watch the video, even though it is in Portuguese, you will know how this activity works by watching the video


Small groups discussions with predefined questions


Today we discussed about ” “

And learned that ” “

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